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Weight of Glory


Message Recap

IMPACT195 School of Ministry Pastor, Scott Wessell, talks about 2 Corinthians where Paul says that our light afflictions are working an eternal weight of glory for us. The light afflictions he is talking about is persecutions, tribulations, and trials. Those things work something in our lives: an eternal weight of glory. What that means is that this life and the difficulties that God allows us to walk through actually prepare us for the future glory that we will receive from God. How should that change us? It should do two things. First, it should produce perseverance in us, the willingness to walk through the difficulty without throwing in the towel. Second, it should produce hope. Hope that you are not suffering for no reason. That what you go through will produce something glorious in your life if you choose the right attitude towards it. So, how are you handling your momentary and light afflictions? For more information on the School of Ministry click on SCHOOL in the menu.