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Doing God's Will

Message Recap

IMPACT195 School of Ministry Pastor, Scott Wessell, continues his series "Lies that Christians believe" by talking about an often unspoken lie that doing God's will should be easy and fun. Of course most of us wouldn't say that out loud, but how we react when things get difficult, reveal if we believe that. More times than we care to admit, when things get difficult we begin to question if we heard God wrong or if we have departed from his will somehow. But if we look at Jesus in the garden before His crucifixion, we see that God's will sometimes is anything but easy and fun. Jesus was so stressed out about what God was calling Him into that He sweat blood and begged His Heavenly Father for a different way. This gives us great insight into God's will, it is not sinful to struggle with doing His will but it is a sin to disobey. One of the ways we disobey is to tell ourselves that if it's hard it must not be God's will and we stop doing his will. For more information on the School of Ministry click the SCHOOL button at the top of the page.