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The Wave Walker

IMPACT195 School of Ministry Pastor, Scott Wessell, talks about a classic story in the Matthew 14 where the disciples are stuck on the Sea of Galilee, fighting all night against the wind and waves. Then Jesus comes along walking on the water. Then Peter joins Jesus on the water but he began to sink because he stopped focusing on Jesus and started to focus on the waves. It's interesting; Peter's focus determined his experience. When he focused on Jesus he walked, when he focused on the waves he sank. The same is true for us—what we focus on determines our experience with Jesus. There are a lot of storms in life, a lot of problems that we can focus on; and when we do we begin to sink. But when we focus on Jesus in the midst of our storms, we begin to walk on the very thing we're afraid of. Here's the question we have to ask ourselves, "Am I focusing on the waves, or am I focusing on the wave walker?" For more information on the School of Ministry click on the SCHOOL button on the top of the page. » View Series