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Sean Myers



God became Sean Myer’s ROCK when no other person or thing could.


“I grew up angry about my home life and ran away from home at age seventeen. I lived a life consumed with pleasure and indulgence. Whether it was drug abuse or physical relationships I had no sense of limit or boundary and fed my flesh in any way I could. After being confronted at gunpoint for behaving disrespectfully to a very large angry man, I encountered the Holy Spirit in a very real way.”


Sean realized how close he had been to dying. He knew that he was going to go to hell and it was in that moment that he fell to his knees before God and gave Him his life and everything in it. Sean chose to start a yearlong drug-rehabilitation program where he began to read the Bible.


“I found a real and genuine relationship with Christ.”


After rehab, God opened up the doors for Sean to attend the Horizon School of Evangelism (HSE) in 2008.


“I met many wonderfully gifted and loving people who were influential and instrumental in my spiritual growth. They encouraged me to not only believe the things taught about in the Bible, but to do them as well. I was learning how to live out what I had learned in class. I also met a guy by the name of Matt.”


God had a special plan for Sean and Matt’s friendship. After much prayer, they both chose to sign a covenant believing that one day they would start a church together. They both graduated HSE and lost touch, but some years later Matt reached out to Sean again.


“I remember when Matt called and reminded me of the covenant we had signed. He told me that he and his wife Sarena were moving to Romania to plant churches under the covering of Rock Church. Each week we would talk and pray and finally in November of 2012, I agreed to go. I sold most of what I had, got my remaining belongings into two large suitcases and moved to Romania. I have been here serving as a Rock Ambassador ever since.”


Sean soon discovered life in Romania was totally different than life in America.


“Getting passed the language and cultural barriers can be tough and it takes persistence and a willingness to suffer long in love. There is a sort of national religion that we would term as ‘Orthodox’ which practices a very strict and stringent belief system. They put a lot of legalistic restrictions on the people, which seem to reflect their past experience with the communist empire which ended about twenty years ago. Because of this a lot of the youth who are happy to have their freedom have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to ‘religion’. They want nothing to do with a legalistic mentality. That’s where my team and I come in. We want the people of Romania to know it’s about a relationship, not a religion.”


Typical weeks in Romania are full with a variety of ministry opportunities.


“We frequent gypsy villages twice a week to sit down and tutor the children on math and spelling. Their situation seems to have become somewhat of a catch-twenty-two as they are left behind in life because of their lifestyles and un-educated status, but they find it nearly impossible to change this because they are considered ‘second-rate citizens’ by most Romanian people. Many gypsy kids do not attend public school on a regular basis either, because their families do not see the value in education. The children seem so far behind. Despite their impossible situation God has been faithful to work through our team as we come and spend time with them and as we give them opportunities to learn and grow. And God is bringing ‘breakthroughs’ to them and in a sense - expediting their understanding.”


The team’s heart for gypsy villages is simple. They desire to simply show the love of Christ.


“We have made some very tender friendships in the villages and they miss us when we are gone. Often they invite us into their homes to simply sit with them and pray. “


Sean and the team recently started working on a café project too.


“There is a cafe that belongs to the church that we are connected with here. It is named ‘Bookafe’ and it has been struggling financially for over a year now, because of poor management and lack of clientele. There have been several months where they were not even able to pay the workers they had hired. The original vision of the café was to provide a place where people could be nourished spiritually as well as physically with fellowship, food and drink. I have been volunteering there as a cook for about eight months now, and recently Matt and I have taken on more responsibility with them to help them manage their product, operations, and funds more responsibly and efficiently. Our hope is to get the business to such a financial height that it is funding the church and ministry as opposed to the other way around.”


Other parts of the week, Sean helps with home fellowships, Bible studies, men’s studies through the book of Romans and one-on-one discipleship with men of the Romanian community. And Sean continues to see God working.


“I have come to find God’s best work to be in the hearts of people, and I have seen this first hand. Members of a local Romanian church have started to have real and powerful encounters with Jesus. It’s become far more than religion for them. Men of the gypsy communities are gaining a growing passion to know God and the women have begun to nurture their families in a genuine way. Their children are being exposed to the Gospel and are being given opportunities to grow in their knowledge of Jesus! And within our team, God has empowered us to work through our own struggles, bringing us a sense of commitment to one another. He has changed our hearts and is filling us with love and joy and peace. This year in Romania has been the most incredible and life changing year.


When asked how we could be praying for Sean, he responded with this.


“Being away from my family in America has been hard, especially as they have been walking through their own struggles this year. Please pray for them, as there are many who do not know the Lord.  Some of those who are near leaving this earth without salvation.  Also pray for us as we engage the spiritual warfare in Romania on a daily basis. This warfare is not only intense for us as we step out and take ground for the Kingdom of God, but also for those we minister to who are growing closer and closer to God. Please also pray that God would continue to provide the financial resources and support I need in order to remain in Romania and continue in service to Him here.”


To financially support Sean Myers, Rock Ambassador to Romania, or track with him on his blog, please log on to: Mogiv