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Sarah grew up in a Christian home and went to church every week since before she could remember. She prayed to receive Jesus at the age of six but didn’t have a personal relationship with Him until her college years.

“Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I always knew He existed but to me He was always just in the background. I never made Him a priority. When I moved out to go to college, I stopped going to church for the first time in my life. I tried living without God and to plan my own life, working towards what I wanted and what I thought would make me happy…a college degree, a high paying job, a marriage, a family.”

When Sarah was close to graduating college, she realized that she had no idea what she was doing with her life and also felt incredibly empty.

“I fell into a depression and loneliness and during the lowest point, my college roommate invited me to church. I started going to church again and began remembering all the things I learned about Him as I was growing up…the songs, stories…scripture. I came to realize that though I had pushed Him to the background throughout my life, He was always there for me, waiting for me. In finally seeing Jesus’ gentle and patient pursuit of me, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Him and want to follow Him with my life.”

Sarah chose to walk closely with the Lord ever since.

After graduating UCSD with a psychology degree, she wasn’t sure what God had next for her.

“I would daily ask Him, ‘What is it you want me to do with my life?’ and then would eagerly waiting to hear His response! As I committed more of myself to Him, He gave me an opportunity to go on my very first mission trip to Africa. It was there in the midst of extreme poverty and heartache, I realized my life was meant for more than myself… that my life was to be used by God to help others know Him and the hope they can have in Him.”

Shortly after, Sarah attended IMPACT195 and the burden in her heart for the nations grew. She came to a place of complete surrender and wanted nothing more than for God to use her to meet physical and spiritual needs of those in need all over the world.

“I was blessed to be able to go on three additional short term trips with IMPACT195 to Haiti, Asia and India. All of these trips solidified my desire to go out onto the mission field. Through much prayer, God also directed me to go to nursing school. After IMPACT195, I went back to school and got a second bachelor degree in nursing. Before I received my second bachelor degree I was invited to join a team of fifteen to go to India, ministering to and serving the people there. I’ve been in India for just over a year now.”

Sarah confesses that committing to serve in India long term has been the hardest thing she has ever done.

“It’s hard in many ways! The language is difficult; there are unfamiliar surroundings and customs. The seemingly simplest task can take hours because of the language and transportation barriers…It is also very spiritually heavy. Hinduism is the main religion here and you can't turn a corner without running into a statue of an idol or seeing people worship false gods. All around me, there is so much brokenness and poverty…physically and spiritually. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and very wearisome to the soul.”

Sarah also shared that serving God in this capacity has brought so much joy to her life!

“It is so incredibly humbling and exciting to play a small part in God's pursuit of His people here. To be able to meet tangible needs through medical camps or spiritual needs through prayer and sharing the Gospel…it is very rewarding to know God is making an eternal difference in their lives and I get to help in that. Week after week, I am overjoyed by the life transformation that happens before my very eyes, as God time and time again heals people’s hearts, minds and bodies. Even though it can be very difficult at times, the fruit God bears in people's lives far outweighs any struggle. It is very worth it.”

On a day-to-day basis in India, Sarah helps to shepherd a team of fifteen.  She works on a lot of the logistics, administrations and finances for her team and details of discipleship with the locals.

“A typical day usually is broken in two parts. The first part involves planning and organizing for the team and discipleship of locals in the morning and afternoon. The second part happens in the evening, where I go out to the local villages and towns to visit house churches.” 

Weekly she helps to host house churches for locals and chapel for hospital nurses and patients.  Regularly, over thirty-five women and children come to the various groups to hear God’s word.

Monthly she organizes medical camps in local villages and bridges villages in need with local hospitals.  Sarah builds relationships with local doctors and works to provide needed services while delegating  roles for various individuals in specialized camps.

And God works miraculously every week.

“Every week, I am blown away in seeing God truly transform lives throughout the house churches and those we get to minister to as a team. I've seen people in each house church start as unsure and timid in their walk with God but then grow confident in who God has made them to be and be hungry for more of Him. God is always working in their lives. Most recently, I’ve seen Him heal many of their physical ailments…One young woman was healed of a chronic skin disease she had for the past four years. An older woman who suffered from extreme edema to her leg for several months was healed a few days after she made a decision to follow Jesus.”

Sarah has also seen many come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.  In the past three months, she has personally witnessed twenty-five people choose to follow Him. 

When asked how we could be praying for her, Sarah responded with the following.
“Please pray for our efforts to disciple new believers. As a team, we want to be used to pour into and speak truth into their lives. Our hope and prayer is that they would let God change their lives and be transformed to love others in their homeland as God loves them. Personally, please pray for wisdom in my efforts to care for those God has entrusted to me.  Pray also for more opportunities to do medical camps and that many would be healed in all ways, emotionally, physically and spiritually…  it’s all for Jesus.”