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AK: How did you find Jesus?


RV: I grew up going to church with my family… so I of kind of new about Jesus but I definitely didn’t have a relationship with Him. In 2008 I actually gave my life to the Lord. Two years prior to that I started getting this nudge to go to church. Every week I thought about it… but it took two years. In just 15 minutes of being at a Rock Church service, I was weeping. Miles gave the altar call and I responded. I had walked away from my understanding of the Lord for eleven years and there was a lot of sin in that time… but even during that time, I would pray and acknowledge God, even argue with people about God but my life and actions didn’t reflect what I was preaching. After the Rock Service in 2008 I started reading my bible and praying frequently… I spent a lot of time trying to discern God’s voice. This strong desire grew in me to really be led by God but I had no clue of what that looked like or how to live out being a Christian. The first two years of being a believer I focused in on observing other believers and tried to model my life after them.


AK: What do you do to make a living?


RV: I am an Acquisitions Manager at local car dealership… so my job involves me basically replenishing our used car supply. On a typical day I head into work, open up all my internet leads from sources like auto trader and reach out to people inquiring about the value of their car. I usually call them. I compete with five to ten other dealerships to buy these cars and make about thirty to forty phone calls a day.


AK: What are the joys of sharing God’s love in the marketplace?


RV: I love to see people get excited about Jesus. I know because of my faith, I stand out. I bring something different and it makes me different so to speak. People are drawn to that and it’s cool to connect with people who are going through hard times when they come to me with their questions. I get to point them towards Jesus and I have watched their faith grow in a really dark place. In my line of business, there is a lot of greed, a lot of immorality and a lot of pride. It’s all about one-upping other people and there is a lot of jockeying for position… a lot deceit and power struggles. It inspires me to be that much more committed to my integrity… my managers actually have been amazed at the fact that I don’t lie, I don’t work crooked deals and yet I make more money than anyone doing what I do… It’s a joy to work this job for Jesus and be an example to those I work with. God has definitely shown up strong on my behalf.


AK: What has been difficult about living out your faith in the marketplace?


RV: I know a number of people that have been sat down by their bosses and told not to share their faith at work … I have learned how to navigate what is considered appropriate in the marketplace and yet take opportunities to share God’s love as I am afforded them. If I am sensing that the Lord is wanting me to say something to someone or pray with someone, I do and then I trust God with the results.


AK: What is your favorite part about giving to support the kingdom?


RV: I seriously love giving anonymously… giving and not getting the credit for it… and I love to support missions and various projects overseas. God has provided money to me through my work and to get to see that money reach the families in desperate need is pretty cool… lives get transformed through these financial gifts! I don’t have millions of dollars to give, but with what I do have, I want to be faithful with and live generously.


AK: If you could leave readers with any nugget from your life experience what would it be?


RV: Man… it would be to give everything to the Lord and trust Him. Give your entire life to Him… present everything to Him and let Him know you trust Him and want Him to use your entire life for His purposes.