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Morgan Ervin



"Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings." Proverbs 22.29


Morgan Ervin is a Term 1 Day student in the IMPACT195 program. If you would have told him this time last year that he would be committing 4 hours a day, 5 days a week to knowing and understanding God more through an intense discipleship program, he would not have believed you.


Morgan had been working with clients like Paramount Pictures, Paul Mitchell, the San Diego Zoo, Qualcomm, SPAWAR, Hewlett Packard and had everything the world had to offer, yet there remained in him a significant void only Jesus could fill. 


"From a testimony standpoint, I designed movie posters, billboards, point of purchase displays and advertising that I would see while traveling around the world. I could pick up a magazine in the airport and see an ad I designed, or walk into a store in France and see a poster or a display I designed, but I never found real happiness in that, or fulfillment. It was like I was selling things that just lacked real substance and meaning. I made big money in the world but no material success could fill my spiritual void.


After making the conscious decision to come to IMPACT195, my long time friend, who was already in the program predicted that I would be offered a dream job with more money than I had dreamed of and a solid future in the material world. Three weeks before Impact started, the worldwide creative director for Hewlett Packard offered me a position as a creative director where he would groom me to replace him while working along side him.


However, the Lord totally made it clear that I needed to know and understand Him more. I worked on one project with Hewlett Packard and clocked 250 hours in three weeks. I went several days with no sleep and just felt the sins of the world creeping back in in such a major way that I literally felt that if I didn't turn away from that job and give God some significant time in my life I was going to die. I decided to join IMPACT195.


Friday outreaches in the program freaked me out. I found myself fearful at the prospect of street evangelizing; in the past this had been something that was really offensive to me. I remember this one particular Friday. Our team headed out to the Gaslamp Quarter. Within that five-block area there were probably 200-300 people that I had either worked for or with and the idea of talking to and praying with someone on the street at the height of the lunch rush gave me a sinking feeling.


God had other plans though, and I found the courage to witness to others and tell them what Jesus had been doing in my life. The last two men we reached out to, Hector and Jesus, actually made a decision for Christ after we shared with them. We prayed the sinner's prayer with them at the corner of 5th and Broadway at the height of the lunch hour - I couldn't have cared less who could have seen me! It became so clear that claiming ground for God's kingdom, and saving lives is infinitely more important than anything I could do, or any judgment man could ever have for me. Praise the Lord."