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Lindsey Reedy


"Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies." 1 Corinthians 8.1


A certain town we visited was at the base of some mountains and the sun was beginning to set. My group encountered an old woman carrying two full water buckets on a stick across a bridge.Through a translator she brought up the subject of Christianity in the US and then told us a group of Christians had visited her town five years ago and it was then that she got saved!  


Our group felt led to share with her a vision that one of our team members had before we entered the town.The vision showed the mountains as God’s hands encompassing the town with Jesus' light shining down upon it and Jesus was drawing the town closer to His heart.As the vision was shared with her, she looked up at the mountains as if she really saw that and felt God’s love. Her face was so surreal like out of a dream!


I began to cry that very moment. It made me think of whether or not I see heaven on earth when I think of how much our Father loves us as His adopted children. This woman lives in a small town with no running water and works in the field daily; she has to carry heavy buckets to water her crops. But even still, she has this firm grasp on her Father’s love for her and His joy!


It opened my eyes to the fact that this old woman who by the world’s standards has very little, understands far more than I do about God, when I even have the luxury of learning more about Him in a program like IMPACT195. She inspired me to take the head knowledge that I have about my Father and to really start experiencing Him in a new way!