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Jong Choi


AK: How did you find Jesus?


JC: I was born into a Christian family – my mother was believer… I didn’t really know anything else growing up… going to church got tough though because I isolated myself... I started experiencing depression in early high school and that's when I walked away from my faith. After a broken relationship my sophomore year in college, I went deeper into depression. I was at my end. I couldn’t see why my life should continue. I decided to go back to church. As I walked into church, a peace came over me and I got this sense that Someone was actually looking out for me… I knew it was God and I knew I was home again in His care.


AK: What do you do to make a living?


JC: I am a civil engineer and I manage construction projects for the city of San Diego. The construction projects include facilities such as rec centers, parks, police and fire stations. A typical day would involve me going into the office and doing some construction administration work, then heading off to the construction site… my job includes coordination work between different stakeholders in the project to make sure that the construction progresses as smoothly as possible and to make sure the contractors build per the appropriate plans and specs. Then we would pay them monthly based on what was built…


AK: What have been the joys of sharing God in the marketplace?


JC: Everybody at my work knows that I am a Christian – they know about Impact195 too… I have been open with them about my schooling there. Most people are pretty receptive to me sharing with them about God… there was one lady in particular who used to sit next to me. She was a Muslim and I would ask her a lot about her faith…I was curious to know more and find out the similarities with Islam and Christianity. Often she would cry because of the difficulties relationally with her and her direct report. I took a sincere interest in her life and certain situations I felt a ton of compassion for her. I asked her if I could pray for and she never refused. She was always grateful and would thank me.


AK: What has been difficult about living out your faith in the marketplace?


JC: To tell you the truth – I have never had any nonbelievers make it difficult to share about God in my particular circumstances. For the most part if I mention God… I don’t get bad feedback… the work environment in the section where I work isn’t hyper sensitive to being politically correct… but I also don’t push God on people in an unloving way… I respect my colleagues and share at key moments when I am prompted to do so… Sometimes I just patiently wait and work next to them for months waiting for that right moment to share… I don’t have the gift of evangelism… but I do share as the Lord leads me to.


AK: What is your favorite part about living a generous life?



JC: Whenever I give whether it’s towards missionaries or others, I don’t really think about it… I have a stable job and there are a lot of people in my circles that are taking big steps of courage to know God and make Him be known, who are not financially stable… it makes sense to me, to support them. You could think of it like this…if you have a close family member that needs something, it’s second nature to help him or her because they are family. You don't necessarily think about how it makes you feel or how it makes them feel, not that there's anything wrong with feeling joy and happiness in it… when I see my brothers and sisters in Christ in need of help and I am in a position to help them, giving just becomes second nature.


AK: Any nuggets of wisdom you would like to share with our readers?


JC: Well, something I have been learning lately is to not lean on your own understanding… but to let God direct your steps. Sometimes when you have racked your brain in your particular circumstance and have come up with only a few options… if you take those same circumstances to God…. He can be there to help you and often He will give you options you would never have considered. I have some issues I have been trying to figure out on my own lately and the options I have come up with haven’t been successful. When I have prayed to God and asked him for help in these areas He has faithfully shown me other ways. This plays out in the marketplace! When I am in a situation at work where I don’t know how to handle a situation – I pray at work, even with my eyes open and God always helps me and shows me the path to go. My work has a lot of stress, and when I give my burdens to God, He helps me work through it. Prayer is the main thing. Do it often!