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Jace Perry


AK: How did you find Jesus?


JP: I found Jesus through Him relentlessly pursuing me through a series of people and supernatural encounters… Jesus appeared to me in a dream in the middle of one of the darkest times of my life and showed me the Kingdom of Heaven… He showed me love, peace, joy and forgiveness. I woke up changed forever – literally a different person. After the dream I committed myself to knowing God more – I made a commitment to at the very least go to church every Sunday and pursue knowing Him more with my whole heart… He showed me the truth…I saw it… I don’t know how to describe it – but it’s so opposite of the world. It was something that I couldn’t deny.


AK: What do you do to make a living?


JP: I own a mobile software company. I design and deploy mobile technology for smart phones.


AK: What are the joys of sharing Jesus in the marketplace?


JP:. Yea…you don’t meet a ton of believers in the technology world…there is a lot of joy though in knowing that technology is the future. I really believe it will be one of the main vehicles that God will use in these times for people to come to know Christ… especially for people who don’t have access to a church and for people around the world that don’t have resources… I find a ton of joy in knowing that I’ve been positioned in the forefront of the technology industry and now have the resources to execute the vision God gives me that will help bring people to know Him.


AK: What has been difficult about living out your faith in the marketplace?


JP: Being surrounded by people that are success and money-driven can wear on your soul. A lot of the environments that I am in can be really dark. The sin and absence of the acknowledgment of God can quench the Spirit if you are not prepared in advance or if you haven’t put on the full armor of God. But I am grateful, because this environment has taught me to really be desperate for Christ and to sincerely put on the full armor of God each morning… the enemy knows that technology is the way that a lot of people will come hear the Gospel and he will do whatever it takes to stop people. I want to be a light in this field… a lot of the leaders in the industry don’t know Christ at all… I want to give back and change the world through technology. My companies are aimed to give back to programs that help people and help change their lives.


AK: What is your favorite part about giving to support the kingdom?


JP: Every time that my wife and I give – whether it’s to a missionary or to the church, we believe that what we are doing is eternal. It brings a lot of joy as a couple. It feels good to give when we know that it will mean more souls will get saved. I got saved and baptized in the church. I learned how to grow with God in the church and through programs like IMPACT195 – so supporting the church and discipleship schools that are changing the world and changing lives is a no brainer. There literally is nothing that I could buy or experience that could compare to the kind of joy and fulfillment that giving to the things of God brings into our lives.


AK: If you could leave readers with any nugget from your life experience what would it be?


JP: Ok. I have it…. God doesn’t work the same way that the world does. The world says to seek first your kingdom, make sure you’re good, enjoy a little sin and its pleasures and then consider giving to some sort of charity. But in Matthew 6.33 it says the opposite. It says that if I seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness that everything else will be added to me. Before I started yielding to this scripture, my whole career, my company was not thriving at all… even in L.A., which is considered the silicon beach. Then I moved to San Diego to put God first… I only had half the hours to put into the company and spent my other hours in a discipleship school. My company has thrived beyond anything I could imagine. But I know this about my increased finances… God isn’t interested in building my wealth… He’s interested in building His kingdom and I definitely want to steward my money according to His will in my life.