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Helen Gichuhi

AK: How did you find Jesus?


Helen: Oh wow… taking me back… I was born & brought up in Kenya. I remember I was in high school… there were people who came to our school to preach… it was then that I came forward to receive Christ and it has been quite the journey ever since. I came to the states in 1997 & lived in Midwest… I didn’t fully understand what a relationship with Christ was yet. I read the bible, went to church… but I didn’t know what it was to really know Him. In 2006 my relationship with Christ changed… God had been pursuing me for a while to go deeper in my relationship with Him… I had been resisting & through a series of events I hit rock bottom. I lost my dad, my mom had a stroke, then I lost my job of 6 years, my friends moved away and I ended up in San Diego. Someone invited me to Rock Church and I knew it was time for change… that was my turning point. Through fellowship and community and further study I learned what it is to have a relationship with the living God and I have been pressing into it ever since.


AK: What do you do to make a living?


Helen: I work at an admin job for a pension company… if you own a business and you want to set up a retirement program for employees, you would come to us. We are the middleman between the employers, the government and those who actually invest money. A typical day for me is all about crunching numbers, talking with clients, talking with our employers and answering emails. My favorite part is talking with people… I get to explain government laws to business owners… and breakdown something that can seem really complex in order to help them.


AK: What have been the joys of sharing Jesus in the marketplace?


Helen: I have been able to invite seven people to church and have shared with some of them what God has done in my life… one of them decided to follow Jesus and He has transformed her life and given her hope! Another one is a Buddhist with whom I have had a discussion about Jesus…I spend a lot of time with these people in the workplace and I love seeing someone turn their life around! So many times they are reaching out to things in the world in order to fill a void that only Christ can fill. They turn up broken, empty handed, hopeless. Watching them meet Christ and inquire of Him is a genuine joy to me!


AK: What has been difficult about living your faith in the marketplace?


Helen: At times I feel constricted and restrained in talking about Jesus. So many people have preconceived notions about who God is because of their past experiences or what they have heard on the news with preachers being arrested or getting in other kinds of trouble. People are guarded and cautious because of what they’ve seen and heard. I also hear people take the Lord’s name in vain all the time… there was one time someone used Jesus’ name profanely and I responded back to that individual, “He’s alive!”. I had a chance to connect with this person later about Christ… I shared with him about Nick Vujicic, the gentleman with no arms and no legs who preaches Jesus all over the world…. I was able to plant a seed & I hope others will water it and help it grow.


AK: What is your favorite part about giving to support the Kingdom?


Helen: I love to see the Kingdom of God advance and people walk in closer fellowship with Jesus! I love to see people be able to continue their schooling at i195 and go out on Impact International Trips … I love watching what He is doing to help people and their families in need all over the world and to see people who have never heard the gospel and God's love for them hear it! It’s my privilege to invest in that. I am excited about the eternal treasure in Heaven too… whatever I have to give has eternal ramifications in regards to the fruit that will be born from those I have invested in…



AK: If you could leave readers with any nuggets of wisdom from your experience, what would it be?


Helen: It would be to have boldness wherever you are… whatever setting God has given you, shine for Him there… know people are watching you and need to be listened to. Show them Jesus by how you treat them, communicate with them, your attitude towards them, especially when things are difficult. Whatever you have that God has given… it really is all His on loan to you that you might steward it for His glory. I know I need to be more sacrificial in my giving…. Don’t hold back in giving to others… lives will be changed!