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Greg Lloyd


"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble..." Psalm 46.1


Greg Lloyd is a husband, father of two, firefighter/paramedic in San Diego and Term 3 IMPACT195 Discipleship School student. He and his wife Debbie left behind a comfortable lifestyle to radically follow Jesus. On IMPACT195's return trip into Haiti this September, Greg's 2nd trip in the country, God allowed a scenario that transformed his life. After an intense week and a half of ministry in Jeremie the team was headed home via a ten-hour bus ride to Port-au-Prince and multiple flights back to San Diego.


"That Monday morning I woke at 3 AM to excruciating pain in my left flank... I knew this pain all to well... kidney stone."


He spent the next three hours crying out to God on his knees to take the pain away.


"He chose not heal me right then..."


God gave him periods of rest when he couldn't take the pain any more.


"He reminded me of Job in the midst of his suffering and how He did not curse God...He reminded me of Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane and sweating drops of blood."


Although Greg didn't sweat drops of blood, his shorts, head and body were soaked with sweat.


"I resolved in my mind that if the Lord intended me to stay in Haiti while the rest of the team went home, I was willing."


At 4AM he texted his wife in San Diego saying, "please pray, kidney stones!" After nausea and vomiting set in, Greg's roommate Stephen agreed to wake up some of the leadership and the three of them headed out to find some sort of medical care.


"I remember being in pain and driving through the streets saying to myself every time the car slowed down, 'Please don't let that be the hospital.'"


They finally arrived at a green building with a cross on the front. Having a doctor on the premises is not a guarantee in Haiti and prescriptions have to be paid for at a separate facility by submitting a receipt returned back into the hospital building before medicine can be administered; Even after that process medication can be really hard to come acquire in the first place. By God's grace and mercy, a doctor arrived within 5 minutes, the medication needed was actually on the premises and administered to him. 20 minutes later the pain subsided.


"I pulled out my wallet, fearing how much they were going to charge me for the visit knowing how difficult it is to get materials in Haiti... and I was blown away."


In French, the doctor told Greg, "It is no charge, we were just happy to minister to you."


Greg was hit full force with the magnitude of God's power and was deeply moved, realizing that in a country where the people were suffering so terribly, there was such generosity shown by those who knew Jesus!


"God answers prayer; my faith is continuing to be perfected and I know I can trust Him for a whole lot more because of this painful yet worthwhile experience!"