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Gia Badaracco


Gia Badaracco, a Term2 world changer at IMPACT195, was on her 12:2 Life Transformation Nehemiah Challenge trip at Oakbridge this past January and ready for God to rock her world!


With anticipation and an open heart, Gia prayed, "Lord, I know you want to show Yourself to be Lord and I know You want to reveal Yourself...I just want to be obedient."


Right before leaving for the trip, she had received a card stating:You're a woman of God, now walk in it. Gia sensed that God was going to give her a bold opportunity to be obedient.


Day 3 of their trip, Cal-State Long Beach dorm leaders arrived to share the Oakbridge location for their leadership conference. After they arrived, Gia had a vision of speaking to them on behalf of the Lord.


"I put it out of my mind."


That night at dinner the class planned on serving them. God continued to remind her, "You need to do this; you need to get up and share the gospel."


Following in obedience, she talked to the leader of the group and it was set that she would speak the next morning at breakfast. Gia shared the news with the rest of her class.


"They laid hands on me, a lot of people fasted and prayed all night. I felt... not alone. My whole class was behind me, praying with me; we were one. I was the voice, but we were together as one body in Christ longing for these dorm-leaders to know more about Him."


That night the Lord lead her to Isaiah 43:11 which read "I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no savior."


She sensed God was saying to her, 'I want them to know that they've been looking for a savior in their relationships and their school work, and their identity in the prospect of a future career and who they're going to marry. Tell them they are not going to find a Savior in anything other than Me.'


That night her class also came in and prayed over every single chair, placing a verse under every seat and on every table. The room was saturated!


The next morning Gia got up and shared with the Cal State Long Beach dorm leaders, "I just started tearing up remembering what God has done. It was like He redeemed all that I've done in sin and not being obedient in that moment when I was speaking."


After the message, many came forward visibly moved, having heard from God.


"A few of them were Christian leaders that told me that they were called to return to Christ in true obedience, not their own ideologies..."