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Fernando & Brittany Pacheco



“Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, Who only does wondrous things!” Psalm 72.18


Fernando had gone forward during the evening service of Rock Church. He found himself in the altar call room, not to rejoice over salvation – he was already saved - but to get prayer. He knew God had called him to serve in ministry, but serving in the US military as a marine drill instructor demanded most of his time.


He and his wife had been praying about getting equipped through IMPACT195, but their schedules made it impossible. Then one day, out of the blue, Fernando’s Commanding Officer told him they were changing his schedule.


“This never happens in the military in my kind of role…he had no idea I was desiring a schedule change.”


Fernando’s new schedule freed him up so that he& his wife could work during the day and attend IMPACT195 classes at night. During Fernando’s second term, God made a way for him to take a short-term trip to India. Brittany, a hair stylist in a salon in La Jolla, poured herself out those two weeks styling hair, ministering to clients and praying for her husband and the team.


“I missed Fernando, but it blessed me so much to know he was walking in what God had for him…”


Fernando returned, truly inspired by his experiences in India and the couple started the third term.


“God was teaching us so much…”


This past weekend the Pachecos headed out to Borrego Springs with an 18-25ish group from his sisters church in Orange County.


“We felt strongly God wanted us to go…He even gave my wife scripture regarding this trip before we left that morning… 1 Peter 2… some of these guys on the trip knew me from when I was younger when I was in total rebellion… I knew they were going to see a change…”


When the couple pulled up to the retreat center, they recognized the pastor’s car. Written in paint on the back was “1 Peter 2”.


“Brittany started freaking out… we asked the pastor why that scripture was on his car and he said it was because it was going to be the theme for the whole weekend…”


God moved powerfully through the Pachecos as they ministered to the youth.


“There was this guy… the moment I saw him, my heart broke for him… turned out he wasn’t saved and was living in a homosexual lifestyle…I began sharing the love God had for him as his Heavenly Father and what I had learned about our identity in Christ… what I said sunk in… he prayed to receive Christ, took out the piercings in his lips on his own initiative to symbolize the covenant he had just made with God and just started sharing with everyone how real God was… he was telling everyone that he was saved… the whole group was besidethemselves…it was wondrous, truly…”


This March the Pachecos are heading to the Asia to bring pervasive hope to those in need. Upon their return they plan to continue serving in the Alter Call Ministry at Rock Church, step into mentoring with the night class at IMPACT195, and Fernando to continue on with the Rock Church Pastoral Care Ministry.