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Eric Phetdara


On June 18th, IMPACT 195 student Eric Phetdara made the 36-hour journey with 54 others to Jeremie, Haiti. Their mission was to make the love of God tangible and real and the Gospel something the people of Jeremie could see, hear and feel.


The team did everything they set out to do and more. Walls were painted, a playground in the town square re-vamped, trash picked up, a celebration hosted for the entire town, and orphans radically loved on. Eric and his team also helped to repaint and clean the town library.


"God opened a door there for the gospel to be preached. Today at the library I was sharing with a group of fifteen or so guys. So many Haitians say they know Jesus, but when you dig deeper you realize that they don't. I told them that so many people are ignorant and think they know it all because they haven't red Gods love letter. I continued to share with them and looked each one in the eyes. You could see the conviction there. I asked if they wanted to give their life to Christ. I explained how this was serious, that the Lord wanted to do a life transformation in them and use them to impact their town. At this point the crowd dwindled to 7, but those that were left who were hungry, truly got it. So we all prayed and 7 souls were added to the Kingdom today! Praise the Lord for preparing the hearts and bringing the good soil."