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Emily Christian


Before coming to IMPACT195 School of Ministry, I thought my faith in God was where it needed to be. I had a relationship with Him, I trusted Him, and I had a desire to share His truth with others. However, during my time at IMPACT195, He has been shining light on the areas of my life that still need to be restored by His truth and who Christ is in me.


Since then, I have realized that so often I struggle with taking leaps of faith in my life, mainly out of personal fear; fear that I may fail at what He's asking me to do, fear that I would be judged by those around me, and fear that what God is calling me to do cannot be done because I believed myself to be inadequate or unqualified. Reflecting back on these past few months, I have learned fear is the barrier that has held me back from experiencing God deeper and seeing Him work miraculously in my life. It has caused me to hold onto the same patterns of my everyday life, which keeps me from experiencing what more God has for me.


This summer, while on the IMPACT195 School of Ministry trip to Ensenada, Mexico, God presented an opportunity to me. God gave me the chance to witness how powerful it is when we let go of our fears and grab a hold of faith. After attending a conference at a church in Ensenada, a woman approached me asking if she could pray for me. And although she only spoke Spanish, and I could not understand fully what she was saying, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit moving and speaking into my heart. After she finished praying, I asked if I could pray for her, as well. I noticed she was using crutches and asked her what happened to her leg. She said that she had a fall and was experiencing nerve damage and severe pain in her foot. As I began to pray for her, God put it on my heart to pray for healing over her foot. So I began praying for restoration and full healing in this woman's foot, confidently declaring complete trust and faith that God would restore this woman in His perfect timing. After we finished praying, the woman simply walked away. She didn't know exactly what I had just prayed for, but she said she could feel the Holy Spirit was present in that moment, as well.


Minutes later, I remembered I wanted to take a picture with her. As I walked back up to the parking lot, I saw her standing there with two friends. Her crutches were leaning on the side of the car, and she was standing firmly planted on both feet. I approached her and she said to me in Spanish, "I am healed, I have no more pain." She was walking around, moving her ankle and repeating that she had no more pain. Her words pierced my heart and immediately I was overcome with so much emotion and joy; I was speechless as to what I just witnessed. The power of God had truly fallen upon her. Even more beautiful than the tangible evidence and display of God's power in that moment was the conversation held afterwards. Through my broken Spanish, we were able to minister back and forth to each other, affirm each other with truth, and ultimately give God all the glory and praise!


God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. His desire for us is that we will not walk a life of doubt or fear, but a life of faith, trusting that He is a good father and wants His children to experience more of Him in deeper ways. It is when we surrender that control and take those leaps of faith, He will meet us where we are at and do the supernatural.