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"But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you." 1 Peter 5.10


Emeka lived in Nigeria until he was 14 1/2 year old.


"My dad was a business man and my Mom was a seamstress."


He remembers his father coming to America for an evangelistic conference in the 70 & 80s. His dad would later make the decision to relocate their family to San Diego where he started a series of private businesses to survive. Right before Emeka moved to America, in a church in Nigeria, he got saved.

In America, he started school in the 10th grade. Emeka worked hard in school and graduated college with a degree in Psychology.


"One of my first jobs after college I ended up working the night shift in a mental health institution."


After wavering a bit in His faith, Emeka's fire for Christ returned. In 2001 He was offered a position as a youth leader pastoring teens on into their 20s, which he took and has faithfully served at – but God had something more.

"In 2010, one of my friends took his life."


Crushed and confused, while driving away from the funeral in NTC, a radio add on 1210 KPRZ advertised a worship event called Point of Impact at Rock Church that night. Being that it was only a block away – Emeka turned his car around and attended the event.


"I remembered Miles shared on Moses that night, one of my favorite men in the bible… He challenged those in audience to do great works like Moses did… I felt like Miles was talking directly to me…"


That night Emeka signed up for IMPACT195. For the next year, Emeka would study in the night program from 5:30 –9:30pm and then work from 11pm – 7am in the mental health feild.

2 days after graduating the program, Emeka flew home to Nigeria.


"I can remember God spoke very clearly to me one night while sitting in my father's house. He said 'I will establish you… Like I established David in his 30s I will establish you' …God whispered it to me...I knew God was calling me to minister in the land of my fathers…yes, there is so much opportunity and freedom for me here in America… But I know what the Lord is asking me to do…"


This August the first team of IMPACT195 world changers will join Emeka and go to Nigeria in order to bring pervasive hope. "They will be in the rural places, doing evangelism, ministering in prisons and orphanages, doing service projects on a farm and in a bakery…"


He plans to continue to scope out long term needs and the meeting of those needs in the days to come.