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Edessa Cadiz


AK: How did you find Jesus?


EC: I grew up in a Catholic home and was blessed to have loving parents who raised my siblings and I in a nurturing home. We were taught good morals and good values and as a family we went to church and prayed together. But I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. I could not say that I truly knew Him. During my teenage years I struggled with body image issues and got sucked into the wrong crowd. I felt lonely, unloved and unaccepted. In 1997, my family visited my uncle’s Baptist church and we started attending regularly. We would drive an hour and a half to church from Modesto to Bay Area. That’s when our lives started changing. My entire family came to truly know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. At thirteen I fully surrendered my life to Jesus and got baptized the following year. As I began to read my Bible and pray daily, my relationship with Jesus continued to grow deeper and I began to experience His love and mercy like never before. I felt compelled to share of His great love with my friends, even the ones that had a bad influence on me; some of them came to know Jesus too! Since then, life has never been the same. Through ministries, small groups, and mission trips, God has graciously blessed me with mentors, accountability partners and life-long friendships where He is at the center. I am so grateful to Him for what He has done and how He has perfectly planned my life!


AK: What do you do to make a living?


EC: I am a cardiovascular nurse at a local teaching hospital. On a typical day I provide direct patient care to those with cardiac diseases and various medical conditions. I also serve on a management team with various leadership roles including committee chair…..let’s just say I work long shifts with long hours.


AK: What have been the joys of sharing Jesus in the marketplace?


EC: I have discovered that my job really has me on the frontlines of life and death situations. There are many opportunities for me to share the Gospel with patients, their families, and others. One thing that I enjoy about my job is that I not only get to help patients reach their health goals but when given the opportunity to do so, I get to pray for them during a time of what may be the darkest and lowest point of their lives. When medicine and treatments are no longer an option, when there is no cure, when reality creeps in, patients and families are desperate for answers and hope for a miracle. I have a coworker who is my prayer buddy and recently we got chance to pray for a patient a few minutes before he took his final breath. Whether he received Christ, we don’t know, but He does. It gave us real joy though to be there for his wife and to comfort her. Being constantly immersed in this situation at work, I never take it for granted when I have the opportunity to share the Gospel with others.


AK: What has been difficult about living out your faith in the marketplace?


EC: I have actually been blessed with coworkers that are also believers. I’m pretty bold about my faith at work. It’s exciting when coworkers ask me to pray for them or express interest in attending church with me. There’s times when it’s a little bit more difficult though, such as with differences of opinions and backgrounds. But I continue to pray for them and speak the truth in love.


AK: What is your favorite part about supporting the Kingdom?


EC: I love knowing that my investments go towards His Kingdom and that they have an eternal significance. I know that lives worldwide are being changed and transformed. I love supporting missionaries who are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus out in the mission field. It’s a blessing to give back and to store up treasure in heaven. It’s definitely more blessed to give than to receive. After all, it all belongs to God.


AK: If you could leave our readers with any nuggets of wisdom, what would it be?


EC: Love God. Love people. Invest your time and resources on things that have eternal value. Take the time to step out of your comfort zone daily to serve someone and you’ll come to realize that you’re the one who is truly being blessed!