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Dorothy Bump


"So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten." Joel 2.25


At 13 years old, Dorothy's mom, an avid guitar and music lover, as well as a native Filipino, committed suicide. It was a devastating tragedy for Dorothy, her Dad, older brother and sister. It was at that point where Dorothy’s heart hardened and she decided that God couldn’t possibly exist. At 20 years old when her father was diagnosed with cancer her heart was cut open again.


"When my Dad got cancer, I remember him having this supernatural peace. He was telling me it was because of Jesus. He would always say, 'not my will but God’s will be done.'When I asked him if he was afraid to die, he said, ‘no, I’m not afraid because I know where I’m going’… I never forgot that."


When Dorothy's Dad died, she grew even more angry and hard-hearted. Whatever she had heard of His love, it was the farthest thing she could imagine. She numbed her pain in a life of drugs and alcohol. In 2002 a friend invited Dorothy to Rock Church.


"Pastor Miles was teaching on Ezekiel 26:36 – how a heart of stone could become a heart of flesh…even though I was in the overflow room, I felt like Miles was talking directly to me!"


Dorothy began reading her bible faithfully.


"The first verse I ever read for myself was John 14.18 where God says 'I have not left you as orphans, I will come to you'…I couldn't believe it, again God was talking directly to me!"


God continued to pour out His love upon her.


"Even when I hated God, He had never hated me back… In fact He loved me and He died for me when I was His enemy." Ever since those first years at the Rock, Dorothy has been on fire ever since. "I found the hope I lost when my Mom & Dad died. I have found comfort in being a part of His family, a security in Him being my Father, and an amazement in His unfailing love.Now I choose to live for Him…"


This December Dorothy will be leading a team of IMPACT195 graduates to Luzon Island in the Philippines, her mother's homeland, for a six-month trip. In the town ofTondal Anda, Pangisinan they will be serving at the already built Do Something Center (built by an IMPACT195 team earlier in 2010) and encouraging two long term Rock Ambassadors already there.


"We will be starting bibles studies for men and women, offering worship classes, teaching and hosting assemblies and classes in the local high schools and colleges."


Dorothy's team also plans to be an encouragement to the local believers there.


"I remember my Mom had all these pictures of saints she would pray to, it didn't stop her from taking her life because there was no true hope in them… Now I get to bring the One True Pervasive Hope to her people, my people, so they can find life… The fatherless are going to have rest for their souls, and God WILL have victory."