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Dave Brown


As it is written it is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.But you shall receive power when the holy spirit has come upon you and you shall be witness to Me…Acts 1.7-8


“In one of the towns we visited there was a lame man sitting in the town square. He had not been able to walk for two years. Jenn and a couple of our world changers asked through a translator if they could wash his feet. He agreed. Gently they began to lift each foot and clean away the dust and grime from in between his toes. Through a translator, they also began to share about Jesus and God’s great love for him. A few moments later, he prayed to receive Christ as His lord and Savior! We rejoiced and we began asking God through prayer to heal him. I carry a small vile of oil with me, so I took that opportunity to anoint His head with oil. We prayed believing that God could and would heal him as a sign of His power and great love for that man and that town. After we said ‘Amen’, I helped the man to his feet and he began to walk!  A lady standing nearby who had been watching the whole thing started to cry!  Moments later she got saved too. Children near by came as well as the town leader and gave their lives to Jesus. It was such a beautiful display of God’s power and love and our world changers got to live out something many have only studied about in the book of Acts!  Not only did God do a miracle in that man's legs, but in His heart. One day soon, we shall walk the streets of gold together.”