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Dan Moriarty



"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you…" Ezekiel 36.26

Step by step our feet were moving on the broken concrete and through the old overgrown plants lining the paths of the pregnancy ward. We soon arrived in a courtyard where Haitian visitors were scattered all around. From this point our group broke into sub-groups around the four walls of the courtyard. As I wandered around with my camera bag I understood this wasn’t even a place suitable for photography – people in distress and pain and sorrow isn’t something to try and capture without at least asking permission. Without that option available I felt inadequate; I had come to Haiti with the sole purpose of gathering content for our media team.


I asked God, "Why have you brought me to this place? Please open my heart and help me love these people… If I can’t capture the work, may I be a a part of it?"  I found my fellow world changer, John, in a room I peered into minutes after this prayer. He was speaking with a woman. Her father was very ill and in the room too. Blindness had overcome him.


As John translated I asked the man’s name and his relationship to the woman. I asked other details regarding his life and love for God. He was a man ofgreatlove for God. This frail old man curled up in his bed in front of me. Without sheets I could see a tube running out from under his gown filled with urine and blood. He was hard of hearing, but I asked anyways if I could ask God to heal and comfort Him. His skin was dry, his hair silver. He processed the question, licking his lips and holding his daughter’s hands in his own shaking ones. He responded in a deep and unstable whisper, "I would be content".


We laid hands on him and prayed to God. The man did not move nor open his eyes at all. We said our good-byes and left the ward. Many days later the daughter of the man came to our hotel and inquired for John and myself. Ecstatic, she found us and told us the miracle that God had performed in her father’s body. The bleeding had stopped the same hour we had prayed for him. She continued to ask for prayer for five more things believing in God and His power through prayer!