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Chanh Khong


AK: How did you find Jesus?


CK: I found Jesus through a lot of struggle and searching for Him for a good seven to eight months. My friend had recommitted her life to the Lord and more and more people around me were sharing their faith in Jesus with me… I was curious, but resistant. Finally, after thirty-five years of life, I realized that I was totally leaning on my own power and understanding. That kind of existence became truth-less and hopeless for me. It was like swimming upstream. Jesus in His perfect timing, allowed me to experience events where I could come to know Him face to face…. Everything in the past was futile without Him… when I went forward at an altar call at Rock Church, I literally had a physical experience of God where this amazing sensation, a bit indescribable, occurred. As soon as I was receptive to receiving Christ as my Savior, it was like every atom in my body was charged, filled with life… I literally felt it! I know not everyone has an experience like this when they get saved– but some do, and I did. Salvation was very tangible and very real.


AK: What do you do to make a living?


CK: I am in the finance industry and work as a program manager. I don’t really have typical days at work. I manage things project-wide and there is always something that comes up each day out of the norm, or something new to deal with. I do a lot of creative problem solving. Half of my time I am needing to make quick decisions; the other half of my time consists of a lot of planning, evaluating the whole picture and ironing things out. I work mainly with the planning teams and they are the ones who work with the direct contacts outside the company. I coordinate with them on changing procedures or creating new systems to respond to various needs.


AK: What are the joys of sharing him in the marketplace?


CK: When I first started working full time after IMPACT195, I asked God what sharing Him looked like in my particular environment. When I went back to work I didn’t just show up and announce that I went to a discipleship school and am filled with the Holy Spirit. I took a much more organic approach. In one instance I was connecting with a co-worker and we got into a random conversation about relationships. He mentioned something that triggered a memory of the way I had approached relationships in the past; with that particular approach, all of those relationships failed. I shared with him some of the new things I had learned and asked him ‘What if love looked like this?’ kind of questions. He was extremely receptive. We talked more in the next couple weeks and he found out I was Christian and that God’s love was at the core of my philosophy. He found it interesting and I know God used me to plant a seed in His life. I think the thing that brings me the most joy of sharing God’s love in the marketplace is helping colleagues find real hope in a world and environment that is particularly bleak and immoral. Even though everyone is all smiles, beneath that layer most everyone is really watching their back and serving themselves. It’s a joyless existence. God’s love brings light to the darkness where I work and brings hope.


AK: What has been difficult about living out your faith in the marketplace?


CK: I haven’t found anything difficult in sharing God’s love in the marketplace. What has been difficult is the environment I am in forty hours a week. There are a lot of crude jokes and questions posed in support of immorality. It can wear on your soul and be oppressive if you are not plugged into Jesus. But Jesus didn’t promise us a comfortable life… when I press into Him during those moments of discomfort, I know those are the times that I get to grow in His likeness.


CK: What is your favorite part about giving to support the kingdom?


CK: Knowing that money doesn’t have a death grip on me anymore and the decisions I have to make is so freeing! My life isn’t revolving around the green anymore, it’s revolving around Christ. Life isn’t about just making money and spending money. Money is so temporal. It doesn’t last. That’s why people spend so much of it. No true joy or happiness can come from it. My favorite part about giving to support the Kingdom is exercising the freedom from bondage to money by giving it away… then seeing the joy on the faces of those who desperately needed what God has enabled me to give… it’s an amazing feeling.


AK: If you could leave readers with any nugget from your life experience what would it be?


CK: There is an alternative way to living and growing, then what society tells us. There is more to life than work-work-work and getting money… so much more. Knowing Christ, following Him and being used by Him is the only way to truly live.