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Carlos Auyon


Carlos Auyon was born in Mexico, is half Chinese and half Mexican, speaks a little Chinese and speaks fluent Spanish.


“My dad was from China, and my mom from Mexico…my parents split up when I was young and between traveling to see mom in one place and dad in another and often crossing international borders to do so, my life was a bit fragmented… I was literally raised, in what felt at times, a simultaneous upbringing in two different countries.”


Carlos’ mom raised him in the church. Youth group was a weekly ritual for him when he stayed with her, though later he would realize his heart was far from God.


“I was totally one of those guys who worshiped Jesus with his lips, but my heart and life were far from Him…”


At seventeen, Carlos moved to San Diego to attend college at University of California, San Diego where he chose to major in structural engineering and minor in urban studies and planning.


“I truly met Jesus for the first time in college. My first two years there, I was in the world and of the world. I tried the whole Greek thing and did everything you could possibly think of when it came to partying. But strangely enough, I never missed church on Sundays. Even in the midst of all that sin, God was gracious and merciful towards me.”


In 2006 Carlos started attending Rock Church in San Diego. “I remember Pastor Miles talking about people who would get drunk on Saturday, and then come to church Sunday… his words started to shine a giant non-negotiable spotlight on my heart…God was drawing me into a genuine relationship with Himself.”


And then a man with no arms and no legs was used by God to radically change Carlos’ life.


“Nick Vujicic preached as a guest speaker one Sunday at Rock Church in 2008… I remember him saying ‘that as many times as you fall, God will pick you back up.’ Then he literally threw himself down and raised himself back up using his head. He had no arms and no legs… when Nick made himself fall, I just started weeping uncontrollably… it was at the 10AM service and people saw me crying and tearing up… everyone around me in the sanctuary started extending their hands towards me and started praying for me… the buzz I had walked in with immediately left me and I felt this warm sensation all over my body. It was at that moment that I truly surrendered my life to the Lord and Jesus became my Savior. From that point on, so began a one-year journey of cleaning myself up. I let go of the bad relationships, the drinking and the swearing.”


Mid-way through college, Carlos started a Bible study with a couple of his engineering classmates. “Our engineering department was starting to gain a reputation on campus of being the most caring engineering department. There were a lot of believers there and many were coming to faith through the bible study. Some times we would pray and read our bibles through our lab hours and incorporate it into what we were learning.”


Soon Carlos joined Intervarsity and took his first international mission trip to Africa.


“Making my home in Malawi for five weeks was one of the most beautiful experiences of my whole life. It was there that the Lord told me ‘Carlos, I created you to share the Gospel to the nations.’ I for once felt that I was walking closely with Jesus.”


Carlos would spend a summer learning more about Jesus at Hillsong Church in Australia just prior to graduating from college.


“In Australia, God continued to nurture the call on my life to be a laborer in His harvest. I can remember sitting in church and Him telling me, ‘Carlos, the time is now.’ I felt like I still needed to get further equipped in my career before I followed this calling so applied for a masters degree program."


With a potential lease agreement ready to be signed in Hawaii and an acceptance letter on its way confirming the start of his graduate school studies in civil engineering with a structural focus, Carlos attended an open house week at IMPACT195.


“There’s this scripture that says, ‘many are the plans of a man’s heart, but nevertheless it’s the Lord that directs His steps.’ I had all these plans for graduate school, but God was about to redirect me. At this IMPACT195 open house week I was so convicted. The Lord spoke to me. And then my friend asked me a pretty poignant question. She said, ‘Carlos, if you have committed five years of your life to engineering, why can’t you commit one year of your life to Jesus in this program and see what happens?’ That Wednesday, I withdrew from my lease, emptied my bank account to pay my IMPACT195 tuition and trusted God with my remaining $43.00 for the rest of the month. It was one of the best decisions of my life."


Carlos grew a ton in the IMPACT195 program.


“Every day was like literally drinking out of a fire hose. I was learning so much about God. I was getting to worship Him every morning and was in this super loving community. DESIGN week was pretty incredible too and results from the assessments I took were helping me see the bigger picture of how I was made and my best contributions to be made in this world. And some of my best friends now, were my classmates in this program. The community was so deep, genuine and loving.”


Carlos would end up joining a small team of students who were ready to live out what they were learning in class on a short term international trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. “This trip was supernatural for me. I remember the faces of the orphans we got to love on and hold. I remember the festival we held for three hundred of the thousands of people who lived in the city dump. We fed them, our live band played worship for them. Amidst the heaps of garbage, Jesus was lifted up. Their homes were made of wheels, plastic and wood pallets and it was crazy to think people lived like that… the shanty after shanty seemed overwhelming to me and I asked God how we would reach them all. He told me to be faithful with the families He would put directly in front of me.”


God used this trip in Carlos’ life to once again confirm that he was to serve Him as a laborer in His harvest.


“When I got back to the states, I thought God wanted me to go to Asia. I started planning for that. Then He redirected me to join the long-term team of Rock Ambassadors moving to Oaxaca for two years. Just to make sure I was hearing His voice, I took a three-day sabbatical. No cell phones, no distractions, just Jesus and me. At the end of that time I new that He wanted me to adopt and embrace His heart for those of Southern Mexico.”


Carlos has currently been tasked as the outreach and public relations “guy” on his team.


“It’s my job to ensure all outreaches and festivals go smoothly and I have been entrusted with equipping the team to effectively visit hospitals, orphanages and villages so that we can best usher in pervasive hope. We want to really love people the way Jesus loved people, and there are a lot of people with many needs where we will be.”


As Carlos has continued to prepare for departure from his home in America, God has been giving him a genuine compassion for the sick, the poor and the lost.


“As an engineer, you can have a very analytical mind. This is a nemesis when it comes to mercy and grace! My analysis paralysis would consistently quench the Spirit in my life and in the lives of others. I began to really beg the Lord to help me, so that I wouldn’t be so critical or judgmental and He is really starting to answer my prayers!”


When asked how we could be praying, Carlos shared that team unity was a high priority.


“We need those walls to continue to come down. We know that people will know we belong to Jesus by the way we love one another and work as a team, and loving each other as a team is a process. Pray too, that God would truly empower us to do things that Jesus said we would do if we are His disciples.”


Carlos and his team are continuing to raise funds, not only for their personal needs, but for the resources required to do all the outreaches they are hoping to do.


“We are estimating that it will take about $25,000 to do everything we want to do to help those God has set before us to love. We are working hard and getting creative to come up with the funds and trusting God for the rest.”


*To support Carlos in Oaxaca, Mexico and support the efforts of his team to bring pervasive hope to this part of the world, log on here: MoGiv