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Caleb was a self described "young, fearful, insecure boy" who, over the past two years has experienced the radical grace of God and found a new identity. "I used to think that a relationship with God was going to church every Sunday, reading your chapter in the Bible once a day, making God happy, and making everyone else around you think you had it all together. That was the extent of my relationship with God.


I also, used to jump out of helicopters for a living. I was known as a Rescue Swimmer in the Navy and I knew how to save someone who was drowning in the ocean, I also got to shoot .50 caliber machine guns from the side of that helicopter. I used to try so hard to find satisfaction in that relationship with God and find fulfillment in that identity in the Navy. But 1 Peter 3:5 says, 'Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is in you.'


I was prepared to defend my country and save a life, but I wasn't prepared
to defend my faith or save a soul.


As part of the discipleship school program at Impact195 in San Diego God gave me the opportunity to go on a two week mission trip to Asia where we traveled over 200 miles through creative means of transportation sharing the gospel with people who have never heard of the name of Jesus. One such incident, we stopped at this village. As we were watching and praying we noticed a man coming towards us with a significant limp. Through a translator we were able to meet him and ask him what had happened. Turns out about 3 years ago he was in an accident and never had the funds to go to a doctor, and it never healed properly. We got to share the gospel with him and he was open and ready to recieve God's gift. He prayed to receive Christ! Then one memeber of our team prayed for his healing and God healed his leg! This man that limped to us a few minutes ago was now marching up and down the street with his legs raised high and a huge smile on his face!


Seeing God work in Asia equipped me plan a trip of my own that I went on with three other people who came through this program. Through creative means of transportation we head down the Pacific Coast Highway. We started in Northern California and over 18 days, traveled 850 miles all the way to the border. We got to experience God in so many amazing ways and met a man by the name of Alex. When we met him, Alex was by himself so we invited him to join us and for 12 days we got pour into him and share the love of Christ. When we had to say goodbye, Alex was not at the place yet where he was ready to receive Jesus, but he was willing to pray for the willingness to recieve. God used us to soften his heart and prepare him for the day he will one day be ready. God impressed deeply on my heart that there are people going to hell every single day and that there is an incalculable amount of hope that dwells inside of me. I am going to share the hope with the world, wherever God sends me and I pray, whatever the cost."