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Art Shen

A Convo with Art Shen


AK: How did you find Jesus?

Art: Well, I'm not sure if I really sought Jesus out on my own, since no one can come to Him unless the Father draws him, right? God used a friend from high school, who pulled me aside one day during lunchtime and went over a gospel tract with me called "The Four Spiritual Laws". I don't really recall what was presented, but I do remember him being very enthusiastic about Jesus and I decided to check out his church's youth group. I was gradually being exposed to more Christian students and the Bible, and my spiritual interest grew steadily. Then during my first year in college, I attended a winter retreat and it was there that I had an encounter with God as I experienced His unconditional love for the first time. I was so convicted… I knew I needed Christ in my life.

AK: What do you do to make a living?

Art: I'm a licensed drug dealer [laughs]. No really, I am an outpatient pharmacist at a local university medical center.

AK: What have been the joys of sharing Jesus in the marketplace?

Art: One of the joys comes from simply inviting coworkers to church, or other functions, like Impact Open House events. It’s so cool seeing some of them respond favorably and experience God. One coworker started coming to The Rock a couple of years ago and even got involved with a ministry. She recently got plugged into a Bible study and she's really excited about it! I know God used that to change her life. Last year, one coworker was hospitalized for quite some time. She was depressed and started to become hopeless because the doctors had difficulty narrowing down her diagnosis. I visited her twice and each time simply prayed for her and her family. To this day, she and her husband are still telling people how my prayers "rescued” her! In another instance earlier this year, a different coworker texted me out of the blue and asked what church I attended because she was "not happy," and needed to find more meaning for her life. We talked on the phone for a bit and I was able to share with her the love of God. A couple of years ago during a phone conversation with an elderly patient, I offered to pray for her, and it turned out that she was a Jesus-loving Catholic woman. We became instant friends and are prayer partners to this day!

AK: What has been difficult about living out your faith in the marketplace?

Art: Although I've had some opportunities to share my faith on an individual basis, it is still a very politically correct work environment where you're discouraged to say anything that would offend another person in the slightest way. I remember a few years back getting into some heated discussions with coworkers on political issues. God really used that time to give me wisdom in how to speak the truth in love.

AK: What is your favorite part about giving to support the Kingdom?

Art: Knowing that giving is one of my spiritual gifts. By giving, I am simply exercising my God-given gift for the edification of the body. And there is joy in doing what God's gifted you to do! Real joy. Besides, Jesus says, "It is more blessed to give than receive," so I'm basically just getting more blessings when I give more than I receive,[laughs]. Seriously though, it is truly a blessing to fund someone's mission trip, to make an investment in another's spiritual growth, and to share the fruit of everything God does in and through the lives of those participating in the various projects I can help to fund. I am grateful God is giving me these awesome opportunities to store up treasure in heaven.

AK: If you could leave people with any nuggets of wisdom from your life experience, what would it be?

Art: Get out of your comfort zone and go on mission trips to any poverty-stricken area of the world and see how God works, and consider investing a year of your life in a discipleship program like Impact 195!