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Angelina has experienced first hand the reality of divine orchestration in her life.  This August, she will head to Thailand with an IMPACT International Team to bring pervasive hope to those most in need.

“I am someone who can truly say has had a blessed life.  I was born in Indonesia and I was very blessed to grow up in a very loving Christina home. My family and I were blessed to be chosen, through a lottery, to receive American green cards that enabled us to relocate to Los Angeles in 2000, to escape ethnic cleansing.  Although adjusting to a new culture and language was difficult, the values my parents had instilled in me helped me to flourish in high school, as well as in college at the University of California, San Diego. 

Last year, I was really lost and distant from God.  I earned my bachelors degree and had found a job, yet I was dissatisfied with life.  I did not want to go to church, nor did I go.  Weeks went by where Sundays were just another rest day.  But through the prodding of the Holy Spirit, I finally made the effort to get myself out of bed one Sunday and drove down to Rock Church in San Diego.  I attended for a few Sundays, as it was the Christian thing to do.  One of those Sundays, I attended having no special expectations, thinking it would be just be a regular service.  It was that day that God grabbed a hold of my attention.

God had different plans than I did for that day.  I was excited because the Katinas were there that Sunday.  I thought, 'Yes!  Bonus for coming to Sunday service!  I get to see them live!'  It was then, during worship that a girl came and stood next to me.  Out of all things, she was wearing batik, a common Indonesian traditional pattern.  I thought nothing of it other than she was another Indonesian girl.  We sat through the entire service and did not exchange a word.  When the service ended, I stayed in my seat until the people cleared out.  

It was then when she started to talk to me and invited me to go to the open house week at IMPACT195, the Rock's Discipleship School.  With the intention of making conversation, I finally asked her where she was from, already knowing that she was from Indonesia.  God, however, had different intentions for my question.  We discovered that we had similar backgrounds:  both born in Indonesia, having moved to America around the same time, and eventually attending the same college.  It was a coincidence we both thought.  She asked for my name, and when I told her my last name, she asked me an unexpected question.  'Do you have a cousin in the bay area who is a teacher with this same last name?'  I thought about it for a second and then answered, ‘Yes.'  We were both shocked to find out that we were related and in fact that we were cousins!  

This was not just a coincidence; it was clearly the work of God.

Following our discovery, I went to the IMPACT195 open house to see what it was about.  The teaching and the calling resonated with something deep within me.  I felt for the first time, in my life, that life was not about me.  There was something greater in life than living for myself and staying in bed, and doing nothing on Sundays. 

I have a great God and He created me with a purpose.  

Soon after, my cousin invited me to go to Ensenada, Mexico on a mission trip.  I had the opportunity to love on the children in orphanages and a rehab center, as well as provide food, clothing, and toys for communities in Ensenada.  It was then that God truly started to move and transform my heart.  Seeing all the children and having the opportunity to love on them made me reevaluate my relationships with my own family.  After that trip, I went back to my siblings and shared with them what had happened in Mexico, and we reconciled with one another!

In January of this year, I eagerly joined IMPACT195.  Almost immediately, my paradigms about life and my relationship with God were transformed.  Not only have I gained more knowledge of God's Word, I have had many opportunities to experience God's love and share the love of Christ, that dwells within me, with others.

In August of this year, I will be joining a team of fellow students to embark on a two week journey to Thailand as a part of the Rock Church's Global Pervasive Hope Campaign.  The vision is to establish pervasive hope, that reaches out to the lost in the very place they have ended up, both locally and globally; this is, that in every place and every way a person can be lost, there will be someone there to find them.  Our plan is to meet the practical needs of the people in Thailand and share God's love with them, in tangible ways, through the following areas of outreach:  human trafficking, education, home improvement for refugees, sharing God's Word in oral format, and working with autistic children.  

While in Thailand, we will immerse ourselves in the culture and customs to truly meet the people where they are.  We will also do ground work for the long -term Rock Ambassadors that will be heading out this October."