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Amanda Scott

Initially, I thought I would choose the missions track at IMPACT195 School of Ministry to experience the edgier side of serving God. Just give it a little try, if I didn’t like it, “Hey! I can just switch tracks, right?” Once you step into missions, it is no longer your choice. At least for me, it was not anymore.


When missions chooses you back, there is no other way for you to “do” church! You get to be involved and even sometimes, by the grace of God, you get to change peoples’ lives! You get to build the real walls of the church around these people who would have no access to the word/message otherwise. People you might walk by on the street and try not to make eye contact with, so you do not feel bad, are now the members and congregation who make up the School of Ministry Even Here Movement MicroSite and church.


Through MicroSites, our local mission field, I actually get to be a part of revealing to people God’s love for them for the first time ever or in a very long time. God allows me to be a part of making lost souls feel human again. The School of Ministry Missions Track has put me in a place where one minute I am saying hi to a little old lady walking by and the next thing I know, I am taking her to doctor’s appointments and becoming her emergency contact. On this mission field, we are not just a “pop-up” church in downtown San Diego; we are a family.


God is literally using me to change the quality of life for some people. My School of Ministry teammates and I are truly standing on the front lines of this battle we face everyday – the battle for souls! The Missions Track is not for the faint of heart and in so many ways it will stretch and test even those who feel “so ready” for it. Some days, I start to feel exhausted and beaten down, but then I see the joy on the faces of our School of Ministry MicroSite family, and it reminds me of God’s grace and goodness and I forget all that has gone wrong. Every technical difficulty and unexpected bump in the road is going to be so worth it every time I see a smile that was not there at first or when I receive a hug that simply says, “Thank you for being here.”