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A Letter from Home


Terry & Brian Mahoney recently penned their prayer request and sent it in to Rock Church. With permission, they have let us share it here. We pray their letter and testimony will encourage you.


“Oh goodness…I really do not know where to start.


In May of 2012 our eighteen-year-old daughter left home to go through IMPACT195. The west coast was foreign to us and it was a real faith move on all of our part. We really did not know much about the program, other than what one of her friends who was in the program had told her.


I will not go into the horrific time we had as parents raising her. From the time she was very young, five, satan was out to destroy her. It was only by the grace and sovereign plan of our gracious Heavenly Father that we survived and that she survived. To our unexpected relief IMPACT195 came to all of our rescue. My life as her mother completely changed at that time, though I had been a fairly strong Christian for twenty-five-years already.


Our daughter graduated in May of 2013, came home for the summer and returned in September to serve at IMPACT195 as an intern. We have watched her blossom under the nurture of Christ and all those from the Rock Church community and IMPACT195 community. She has become a sweet guitar player and worship leader; she has gone on all the IMPACT195 weeklong trips as a servant and leader in training since September. She has been on two short-term missions trips to Asia and the Middle East and is going to India this August. She is now on the Academics team as an intern. She serves with a Rock Church Micro-site and is currently a mentor for eight first term female students at IMPACT195.


I say this not to brag, though as a parent it does make us proud of her, but I say all this to the complete glory of God. And to the praise of the community of Rock Church believers, because lives are truly being changed. Rescued!


Thank you dear precious servants of our Lord Jesus. He is pleased that you abandon the things of this life for the care of His sheep. His sheep are His most precious. As you know, of course.


My husband and I have been blessed to visit our daughter twice in San Diego and visit IMPACT195 and meet many of the people that she now lives her life with. I cannot say how full our hearts are with those visits. On our second trip, just this past May, she took us to Rock Church in Point Loma for the Sunday service. We were overwhelmed by the whole experience. From meeting many people, who stopped and prayed for us on the spot, to the worship, the message and the alter call. When I think about it, I still want to cry.


Prior to our visit this May, we prayed that God would meet us there. That He would allow us to experience Him in a greater way on this vacation. We came expecting and He truly met our expectations with more than we asked or imagined. As He does, right?


My husband and I are fervently praying for God to show us if we are to move to San Diego. We are so drawn to go through IMPACT195 ourselves and to be in the midst of God's move in that area, and what we saw happening at Rock Church. We have been praying for at least six months. We dream about being there. We long for it and we talk about it constantly. But, we totally want to be in God's will and timing. This email is for the purpose of asking that you all will please be praying for us. Even writing this now makes me want to cry because I just can't imagine that this dream could come true. It's far too big for me, but I hold out hope that God will make it happen. Thank you for your prayers.


Terry and Brian Mahoney


P.S. We watch Rock Church LIVE every Sunday. It is our church for now!