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Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

This March, IMPACT195 will be celebrating our fourth year of ministry! I remember when we first started; it was a huge step of faith. We didn’t know if anyone would sign up for a yearlong discipleship experience, but God, in His overwhelming kindness brought you and over 300 other world changers through our doors over the past four years. God has truly done some miraculous things; He has affirmed our identity in Christ, renewed marriages, given hope to the hopeless, brought healing to the wounded, and created deep bonds of love!
Together, God has sent us on twenty-three International Impact Trips (IIT’s)! We’ve lived out what we learned in thirteen countries around the world on five different continents. In total twenty-six churches have been planted in some of those countries. 12,324 people have heard the Gospel as a result of your efforts. 2,084 of them received Christ as their Savior! 1 out of every 6 people that heard the Gospel got saved! God used you to usher in 158,611 service hours in San Diego alone and we’ve been able to impact the lives of our neighbors and community in profound ways.
God has used us to change lives locally and globally, which is what IMPACT195 is all about—life change. God changes your life, then He uses you to change your world and for over 300 alumni, he has been faithful to do just that.
After four years, I am thankful for the past and also expectant for the future. God has recently been doing some shifting within IMPACT195 that I believe will allow us to be used in even greater ways. As you may already know, George has been promoted, or as he likes to say, “demoted”. He is now the Executive Pastor of all Ministries at Rock Church and he is spearheading Rock Global Outreach, which will allow us a greater reach into the nations. He is now serving in a founder capacity for IMPACT195 and will continue to have a voice but has stepped out of the day-to-day operations. He has asked me to step in as Director of IMPACT195 to which I have accepted. I am excited to see what God has in store for us in this new season! He has already blessed us with the largest in coming winter class since we started in 2010!
We are also excited to announce the launch of an IMPACT195 Alumni Association. This association will bring greater connection and communication to alumni and their families. The IMPACT195 Alumni Association will be planning one big event per year as well as alumni outreaches and retreats. The big event will be a huddle of sorts, where we can gather together, hear what God is doing through our family, and be mutually refreshed; it will be open to our fellow alumni serving all over the world! We are planning on launching the association within the next few months. We will also be sending out an alumni newsletter, with alumni stories, outreach opportunities, devotionals, and much more.
I am blessed that you are part of our IMPACT195 family; I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming  events, and ask you to pray for the new changes that God is ushering us into.


Scott Wessell
Director, IMPACT195