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Caitlin Nelson



Caitlin McCracken works the night shift as a nurse at Scripps Green Hospital in San Diego. She is also a recent graduate of the i195 program. Hear in her own words how God used this past year to change her life!


2 Timothy 2.13 it says, ‘if we are faithless, He remains faithful’. There are many moments this past year when I had some serious doubts about the path I was choosing to follow God!


I have a condition called neurocardiogenic syncope. Basically it takes longer than normal for the blood to reach my heart and brain and can cause me to become unconscious, faint, and have seizures. I was so nervous to go on this trip and to make things crazier, the week before I had been working crazy hours and had flown home to Virginia and back for a graduation. Already walking in many of the triggers that could cause an episode, I began to really doubt! I did not have a clue how I was going to endure the next week of strenuous hiking. But God came to me in such supernatural ways and reassured me I was going to be OK and that I could trust Him. Not only did He sustain me for that week (I actually felt more physically well than ever before) but he sustained me the entire year here at i195 without any episode at all.


I also used to be heavily addicted to Tylenol pm or anything that contained Benadryl to put me to sleep after working the night shifts in the hospital. I so wanted to be free of this chemical crutch. I prayed a ton and basically made a pact with God. If I was going to come to the day classes for i195 for a year after working the night shifts on a weekly basis – I wanted to do it without taking any sort of sleep aid. He was going to have to sustain me and provide me with sleep.


In Psalm 127 it says ‘He gives His beloved sleep’. Well, that is exactly what He did! I can honestly say that it has been over a year now and there have only been two occasions where I have had to take anything to help me sleep and both of those times were for flights; none of them were work related.


I have learned that if you want to grow in your faith, that it is ok to put yourself or perhaps find yourself in situations where your faith can actually be perfected. And even when you fail to believe, God still is so faithful. I can trust Him for more now and I am ready to take bigger risks! Last November I took a short -term trip to the Philippines and if all goes as planned, I am going to move to India as a Rock Ambassador within the year. Even though I may not know all the details about what it all will look like, He is and will be faithful and I no longer need to passively doubt or fear. “