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Deane Vallejo


Deane recalls being raised in a Christian home but was sexually abused as a child. "From a young age I dealt with sexual abuse and then at age eighteen my happiness started slowly disappearing after being raped by my brother's best friend. I was broken inside and just wanted to run away."


Not knowing what to do at that young of age with the trauma she had experienced Deane ran to other things. "I decided to move and run to Utah and into the arms of a man who was fifteen years older than me. He was extremely emotionally and verbally abusive and heavily addicted to cocaine." After a few years she finally built enough courage to leave but because of the pain acquired during those years Deane continued to find other ways to run. "I coped by running again and began medicating with drugs and alcohol. I struggled with an eating disorder."


Deane knew that she was broken inside; "I remember my heart actually aching and throbbing at times." She was constantly trying to survive, just to make it through the day by self-medicating, running, and coping.


For years Deane continued with this way of living until she received her third DUI. She had a moment of crying out to the Lord prior to this event, and this was God answering her cry. "It was shortly after, that I received my last DUI. Praise Jesus! I did some jail, rehab, and probation – all with the strength of the Lord and under His grace. This was definitely a challenging time for me but God was faithful." During this time Deane began writing out the Psalms and knew that God was teaching her how to pray and cry out to Him.


Deane experienced God's healing power during her probation. "While being on probation I was introduced to stretching by my lawyer of all people. After my first class I was amazed by the way I felt after. I loved stretching. I began practicing every day and when I would practice I would just offer my body to Jesus. This was a big step in light of what He had allowed to happen to me when I was young." And God gave her this verse confirming the work He was doing.


Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. (1 Corinthians 6:19)


Eventually Deane was released from probation and continued to experience God's faithfulness in various encounters with Him. She began to surrender more of herself to Him and worship God for who He was as she drew near to Him. What happened next is one day she woke up having had the best sleep of her life and knew that God had done an unimaginable and miraculous work in her life and that He had a plan for her. "I knew there was a plan for my life and I knew that God saw me, and was with me, and was guiding my footsteps."


Through IMPACT195 School of Ministry Deane was able to embrace the truth that all she had suffered God had suffered with her. What grew in her was a hunger to know God more and experience Him more. "I began reading His word and locking myself in my room for hours and days on end and I would do anything and everything that made me feel close to Him. I just wanted to be with Him."


From the time when Deane realized how broken she was she realized as she was participating in a forty day fast as part of the Rock Church that she wanted to be a wife. "Each day of the fast I would write out a Proverb and on day thirty-one I wrote out Proverbs 31 and realized I wanted to be a wife." More importantly Deane understood God as her first love and that made it possible for her to love and give of herself to someone else. During her graduation night at IMPACT195 Deane was able to share her testimony and said to the group that night, "I believe that God is saying to you tonight that He wants to and is fully capable of healing you completely and empowering you to live a life of giving and loving others. You can put your trust in Him. He is faithful."


On August 22nd, 2014 Deane married a man who loves God. She and him were able to go through IMPACT195, School of Ministry together and grow immensely with one another. Today they continue to grow together in marriage, ministry, and in the marketplace as they make an impact in these spheres of influence for God's kingdom.