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"The one choice you can’t afford to make..."





...and chances are it’s not what you think it is.


     I’d like to share a true story with you. It’s a story about two brothers that were raised together. They grew up extremely privileged. They both had the same exceptional education. Every imaginable benefit was given to them. Great things were expected of both brothers.

     But due to a lapse in judgment, one of the brothers made a horrible mistake and was disowned by his family. The two brothers didn't see each other for decades. The brother that stayed with his family eventually became the most powerful man in the world. He was the leader of the richest and the most influential country in the world. To many, he had attained "god" status.

     The second brother fell on hard times, became a poor shepherd living in obscurity. He lost all hope of being or doing anything great with his life. Many viewed him as a disappointing failure.

     But in an unexpected twist, the powerful brother ended up losing all that he had and he also destroyed the lives of everyone who had been counting on him for protection. The poor brother, on the other hand, emerged from obscurity, stood against the corruption and oppression of his day, and ultimately has been credited with saving millions who had been enslaved by his brother. He went down in history as one of the greatest leaders of all time.

     What was the key factor that led to how these two brothers finished their life? Was it how they were raised? Was it their economic status or their education? Nope. The one thing that influenced their life more than any other factor was their experience of God.

     The first brother wanted to live life on his own terms and do things his own way. As a result he hardened his heart towards God and lost absolutely everything, including his oldest son who died tragically because of his father’s choices.

     The second brother had a powerful encounter with God that changed the course of his life. He was closer to God than most and as a result was used by God to do extraordinary things. Because of his relationship with God, he has become a household name.

     The question is, which life do you want to live? Would you rather lose everything you work for in life? Watching things crumble around you. Living in regret, knowing your choices are the ones that hurt your loved ones. Can you afford to make that kind of choice?

     Or… would you rather live larger than life? Would you like to be remembered for bringing freedom to those who are enslaved by this world? Imagine what your life would be like if you made a lasting difference in the world.  

     You might have already guessed by now who those two brothers were. The first brother’s name has been lost in time but the second brother’s name is Moses.

     The difference between the two was their closeness to God. Growing up, Moses made a really bad decision, a decision that affected the next 40 years of his life. But his decision to draw close to God and follow him at all costs changed everything for him. It's what brought him from an obscure poor shepherd to saving the Jewish people.

     Your life is the result of your choices. The good news is that the right choice can erase even the worst ones you have already made. The question is, are you ready to make the one choice that Moses made, the choice to draw close to God?


     But how do you do that practically? For the last 10 years I have been helping people get the relationship with God that they have always wanted. And I am so passionate about helping people get closer to God that I have put together a FREE 4 part videos series, GROW CLOSER, that will give you practical tools to get the relationship with God that you’ve always wanted. In the free video series you’ll learn…

1. How to relate to God the way He intended you to. (If you don't get this right, nothing else matters). 


2. A more effective way to connect with God than morning quite time that takes a fraction of the time. 


3. How to use the romance cycle to your advantage. (Do this and you'll never have to feel distant from God again). 


4. The number one tactic that will allow you to give your best efforts to the things that matter- like your relationship with God and your loved ones

     You’re standing at the crossroads. To the left is the same rough, rocky road you’ve been traveling. To the right is the road fewer people will choose. This road is not harder it’s different. Choosing the right road makes all the difference. I’m hoping you’ll choose the right road and invest in growing closer to God today by signing up to receive my free video series. Click the button below to chose a different road, a road that will lead you into the life you were created to live.




P.S. The time is now. Life and the world are going to keep taking from you till you’ve got nothing left. Do you have the courage to make the choice that counts? Your chance to get your breakthrough has arrived. Will you go for it? Will you take actionCLICK HERE TO DO IT NOW.




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