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"The one choice you can’t afford to make..."

        ...and chances are it’s not what you think it is.        I’d like to share a true story with you. It’s a story about two brothers that were raised together. They grew up extremely privileged. They both had the same exceptional education. Every imaginable benefit was given to them. Great things were expected of both brothers.      But due to a lapse in judgment, one of the brothers made a horrible mistake and was more

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Spiritual Gift of Healing | Mar 03 2016

                      My name is Kathleen and I am a term 3 student. Jesus has been radically transforming my heart, more

Holderby Leadership Interview | Jan 04 2016

                            Pastors, Ronnie and Teresa Holderby, are pillars within Rock Church San Diego. God has brought them more

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Ministry Training: Delegating is Not Handing Off Work; It's to Empower Others! | Oct 30 2015

                                Over the last few years, I have learned how delegating is much more power than I had more

Miracles Break Boxes | Oct 08 2015

There is a story in the bible about Jesus feeding a multitude of people with only a few pieces of bread and some fish. It is a pretty cool story, but stuff like that does not happen now, at least more

Emily Christian | Oct 02 2015

  Before coming to IMPACT195 School of Ministry, I thought my faith in God was where it needed to be. I had a relationship with Him, I trusted Him, and I had a desire to share His truth with more

Michelle Duarte | Aug 19 2015

  For as long as I can remember, I have had this certain pain along my abdominal area and sides that felt like very intense pressure. It would always come and go, months, even years would pass more

Discover Your Purpose Through Trial and Error | Aug 12 2015

  At the School of Ministry, I always tell people that we are always warned not to waste our time, but we are taught to waste our lives. That’s because we’re an more