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What is IMPACT195?

IMPACT195 School of Ministry is the non-profit discipleship program of Rock Church in San Diego, CA. It is for those who want to take their relationship with God to the next level while being equipped to live out what they have learned in ministry, the marketplace & global missions. Through this discipleship experience our students will be empowered to: love fully, live generously, learn daily, lead fearlessly, and laugh heartily! Whether backpacking in Catalina Island, studying God’s love, going on weekly outreaches, or traveling the world on mission trips, we believe that God will use IMPACT195 School of Ministry to change your life so that you can change your world.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $6,100 for the entire discipleship experience -- the personal transformation is priceless!

What's the value of attending?

The value of what you will receive is extraordinary:
•You will gain deeper intimacy with God through daily prayer & worship.
•You will gain a greater understanding of God’s Word (equivalent to 40 years of Sunday sermons).
•You will be a welcomed into a loving community where you will develop lifelong friendships.
•You will get away for 3 different week-long amazing wilderness experiences and retreats.
•Through our unique DESIGN Week seminars you will discover who God designed you to be and what He designed you to do.
•You will receive daily accountability and mentoring.
•You will be prayed for daily by our prayer team.
•You will get tons of practical experience on our weekly outreaches.
•You will have opportunity for possible ministry placement upon graduation.
•Finally, you will have lifelong access to classes, coaching, and the IMPACT195 community.

What does tuition cover?

Pretty much everything – IMPACT195 School of Ministry is an all inclusive discipleship school. All classroom instruction, assessments, books & materials, online resources, weekly outreaches, 3 separate one-week spiritual formation retreats, weekly mentoring and personal coaching, cool T-shirt, and much more are all included. Optional International Impact Trips will be at an additional cost with price varying by location.

How do I know if God is calling me?

The first question that can be helpful with this is to ask yourself, “How sure am I that God has called me to what I am currently doing?” One of the great benefits of attending IMPACT195 School of Ministry is that you get to spend an entire year focused on discovering what God has called you both to be and to do with your life. The best thing is to come and experience it for yourself. You can schedule a visit or check out our events page for the next Open House Week.

Is IMPACT195 accredited?

IMPACT195 School of Ministry is purposefully designed as a non-accredited discipleship school in order to ensure maximum freedom to provide Biblical discipleship. However, we do have agreements with several local Christian Colleges that offer 16 accredited units to our alumni. So you get the best of both worlds - the freedom to pursue Jesus without government regulations plus 16 college credits should you choose to further your education after IMPACT195 School of Ministry.

What are classes like?

Classes follow a dynamic three-fold model of: In-the-Bible teaching, Out-of-the-Box experiences, and Into-the-World practices. This means that there will be no mediocre days at IMPACT195 School of Ministry. Each day will be filled with mind changing truth, heart changing experiences, and life changing practices.

What is the typical schedule?

At IMPACT195 School of Ministry day classes are held in the mornings, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM. The only exceptions to this are the trips and special events.

Can I switch between day and night classes?

IMPACT195 School of Ministry is a discipleship experience, not just an academic exercise. You become a part of a loving community instead of just attending lecture classes. In order to have the best experience possible it is imperative that you continue in the same program in which you enrolled.

When is the best time to enroll?

NOW!  If God is moving on your heart, enroll today. We will guide you through the process and help you get fully prepared to have the best experience possible. The weather is always great in San Diego, so anytime is a good time to start. Enrolling is easy - simply click the “Enroll” button in the main menu.

How old do I have to be to attend?

Students are required to be at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit.

When can I start?

Enroll now for any of the following terms:
Winter Term 2015 - January 20th
Spring Term 2015 - May 19th
Fall Term 2015 - September 22nd

Where will classes be held?

3247 Mission Village Dr. San Diego, CA 92123

Can married couples attend or is it designed for single people?

IMPACT195 School of Ministry is designed to benefit married couples and singles alike! It is a great opportunity for married couples to seek the Lord together. Married couples receive special consideration during trips.

Is my full tuition payment required before the first day of class?

No. An initial payment is due by the end of the Open House Week for the term you are attending. Tuition is required to be paid within our scheduled payment dates. IMPACT195 School of Ministry offers a discounted rate for those paying in full by the last day of Open House Week. If you have any questions or concerns about tuition please contact our admissions department at 619.764.5249 or email

How can I raise the money for tuition?

Start saving now! Many students work a job or two to raise money prior to coming to IMPACT195 School of Ministry. Some students receive support from family, friends, their small groups and their church. Our admissions team would love to walk you through your own Financial Plan Worksheet to help you come up with a rock solid plan for providing for your tuition.

Are tuition donations tax-deductible?

Many students have tuition and missions sponsors. Per the U.S. tax code, giving towards tuition is not considered a tax deduction. However, giving towards mission trips is considered tax deductible.

Can I work while being a student?

Yes, you can attend either the morning or evening programs in order to accommodate your work schedule. The program is very demanding and you should be prepared spiritually, physically and mentally for the demands of working and studying at the same time. Should you choose to work while attending IMPACT195, please note that each term has a mandatory one-week retreat that needs to be coordinated with your work schedule.

Will I have full-time student status?

Yes. Full-time student status verification letters are available to accepted students.

How long will the enrollment process take?

Upon receiving your completed enrollment and reference forms, we will conduct a preliminary interview with you over the phone. Upon completion we will schedule an interview with you in person. We give each candidate careful and prayerful consideration.

Does every student participate in an International Impact Trip?

In between each term, you will have the opportunity to embark on a life-changing International Impact Trip (IIT). It is our expectation that each student will participate in at least one international missions trip. Click on 'School/International Impact Trips' for a complete list of our upcoming trips.


Passports are not required for attending. However, since an international missions trip is critical to your discipleship experience, it is highly recommended that you obtain a valid passport.


Students often carpool together, however, having a vehicle in good working order is highly recommended for all students.


Yes, we take a one-month break in between each term, called your Proof Project. Proof Projects are designed to prove that you have changed and grown over the term. You will have the opportunity to go on a mission trip, practice new habits, and live with a new sense of purpose.

What are Proof Projects?

Proof Projects are an opportunity to live out what you have learned in class on your own. For those students not participating on an IIT it is expected that they will engage in a Proof Project in-between terms. These projects are usually a ton of fun and a great opportunity to step further into your God-given calling.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking available in several parking lots surrounding the school building.

Is there student housing?

We are currently exploring the possibility of offering student dorms. However, at this time it is the student’s responsibility to find his/her own housing. Single students coming from outside of San Diego County may choose to share an apartment or house with other students. Upon acceptance, our admission staff can help connect you with other students who are seeking to share accommodations.