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IMPACT195 is the discipleship school of the Rock Church in San Diego, CA. Through this year-long discipleship experience you will gain: Greater intimacy with God, tremendous personal growth, practical equipping, a dynamic loving community and the ability to understand the Bible for yourself. Whether your calling is for ministry, missions or the marketplace, we believe that God will use IMPACT195 to change your life so that you can change your world.

2014 Term Dates
Winter Term 2014 (Jan. 21st - April 17th)
Spring Term 2014 (May 20th - Aug. 14th)
Fall Term 2014 (Sept. 23rd - Dec. 18th) 

IMPACT195 alumni serving at our Annual Dinner Join us for an incredible night of testimony as we celebrate what God has done in the lives of our graduating class!

Our #impact195 community

One Hundred Ninety-Five Stories


Angelina: Angelina has experienced first hand the reality of divine orchestration in her life.  This Augu... Read More »

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