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IMPACT195 School of Ministry is an intense one-year discipleship experience that will help you discover who God designed and destined you to be and equip you to fulfill your God sized purpose in life. By pushing pause on the busyness of your life and sitting at Jesus’ feet for a year at the School of Ministry you will learn to walk confidently in your identity in Christ. You will develop the spiritual practices to fuel your heart’s devotion. You will discover your unique design and gain direction for your life. You will be equipped to operate in your spiritual gifts. You will learn deeper insights about God through living in community with like-minded believers. And through life transforming experiences, in depth bible teaching, powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit, and hands on ministry training you will not only fill your head with the things of God but also kindle a fire in your heart to see him glorified through your life. 

The three words Presence, Power, and Purpose sum up IMPACT195 School of Ministry's discipleship philosophy. First,  we believe that God’s presence is the game changer in the believer’s life. That is why at IMPACT195 School of Ministry you will be immersed in God’s presence—you will learn to not only abide in His presence during worship or prayer but you will also learn to carry His presence with you into every aspect of your life.

Second, we believe that God has made his power available to his children and that he doesn’t want us to survive but to thrive—Jesus promised us an abundant life! His power is the vehicle that brings the abundance of life to us. As you abide in God’s presence you will increasingly experience his power. His power will not only change you but it will also turn you into an agent of change. At IMPACT195 School of Ministry, you will learn to walk in your spiritual gifts and witness first hand God’s power to transform the world around you as you move beyond what is naturally possible for you and into what is supernaturally possible for God to accomplish through you.

Third, we Believe that you have a God sized purpose for your life, that you were created for greatness. But knowing God’s purpose for your life doesn’t mean you’ll always live it out. That is why at IMPACT195 School of Ministry, you will not only catch God’s vision for your life, you will also develop the character required to fulfill it.

School of Ministry Term Dates
Fall Term 2016 (September 20th - December 15th)

Winter Term 2017 (January 17th - April 15th)
Spring Term 2017 (May 16th - August 10th)
Fall Term 2017 (September 19th - December 14th)

IMPACT195 is the School of Ministry of the Rock Church in San Diego, CA.

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